Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ellie's Classical Blue Tutu

Not all body shapes are the same so if you buy a generic tutu there is a risk that the tutu may not fit. What was a cheap Chinese or Balinese ballet tutu may end up being an expensive tutu after having alterations. Plus imagine turning up to a competition only to see another dancer in the same tutu.
Ellie's tutu was made according to her measurements, note how the tutu firmly fits her body, the bodice doesn't gape at the front and basque fits snuggly around her hip and waist area. The net sits at the right level for her length of body. Ellie can dance knowing that the tutu enhances her body lines and the embellishment design is an original and will not be repeated. This is what a Bespoke Tutu Maker will do for you. So just remember if you are thinking of buying a tutu weigh up the pros and cons of a bespoke tutu versus a generic tutu.

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