Saturday, 21 November 2015

Pastel Colour Ballet Tutus

The soft pastel hues are perfect for the traditional ballet tutu. The stretch velvet used to make this tutu was carefully hand dyed resulting in a very soft pale lemon colour. The white skirt was airbrushed pale lemon and white sequined and beaded French lace embellished the bodice. Additional crystals were applied to add that extra little sparkle.

Aurora - white and gold tutu

This tutu was made from a soft Thai silk and covered with a very delicate white sequined lace. Heavily encrusted sequined and beaded gold lace was applied to the bodice front. Gold braid was applied to highlight the intricate design of the plate.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Airbrushed Classical Ballet Tutus

I have had an incredibly busy year with so many orders. Just a few of my tutus that I have made this year.
Airbrushed Tutus have been a popular choice. These can be done in variety of colours and designs. These are a couple of examples I have made. Tutus can be made in either stretch or non stretch fabric.

Airbrushed Ballet Tutus

I just love the use of airbrushing to a tutu. It adds visual  interest to a tutu that ordinarily may look plain. Below is an example of a before and after shot of a tutu I recently completed.