Saturday, 21 November 2015

Pastel Colour Ballet Tutus

The soft pastel hues are perfect for the traditional ballet tutu. The stretch velvet used to make this tutu was carefully hand dyed resulting in a very soft pale lemon colour. The white skirt was airbrushed pale lemon and white sequined and beaded French lace embellished the bodice. Additional crystals were applied to add that extra little sparkle.

Aurora - white and gold tutu

This tutu was made from a soft Thai silk and covered with a very delicate white sequined lace. Heavily encrusted sequined and beaded gold lace was applied to the bodice front. Gold braid was applied to highlight the intricate design of the plate.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Airbrushed Classical Ballet Tutus

I have had an incredibly busy year with so many orders. Just a few of my tutus that I have made this year.
Airbrushed Tutus have been a popular choice. These can be done in variety of colours and designs. These are a couple of examples I have made. Tutus can be made in either stretch or non stretch fabric.

Airbrushed Ballet Tutus

I just love the use of airbrushing to a tutu. It adds visual  interest to a tutu that ordinarily may look plain. Below is an example of a before and after shot of a tutu I recently completed.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tutus in Blue

Both these tutus were made using the same lace and color, but the lace was cut and arranged differently on each to give a unique design for each tutu. The stretch tutu was designed for a younger dancer and the traditional fabric tutu was made for a senior dancer.

Alaina Haines Variation Costumes

Alana Haines Awards are just around the corner and if you have not thought about the costume, now is a good time to book in your order. Don't leave it too late, you may miss out! Below are examples of costumes made for Alana Haines.
Contact me at International and local orders accepted.

Giselle - Silk bodice, white embroidered organza sleeves and insert, 3 layers of soft tulle for skirt
Flower Festival Variation
Shantung bodice, white chiffon sleeves, insert and skirt, 2 layers of soft tulle for underskirt

Giselle Variation
Shantung bodice, white chiffon sleeves and insert, 4 layer tulle skirt.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Airbrushed Classical Ballet Tutu

Love using the airbrush technique to bring a plain tulle base to life. This technique is not for the faint hearted and requires the confidence to be able to apply the colour to the net to achieve the desired effect, one mistake and you ruin a beautifully made tutu. I made this tutu for a sweet young ballerina.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Ballet Tutus, Giselle and more

Just a small collection of some of my work. Don't leave it too long to order your next costume for the New Year.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sew a Ballet Tutu - Exciting News!

Ever wanted to sew a tutu?  In conjunction with 2 other amazing tutu makers, Sylvia Heather, Dani Legge and myself  (Helen Rodwell) we will be running a tutu making seminar in January, 2015. Both Traditional and Stretch Tutus will be taught. To find out more information go to the following link:

Ellie's Classical Blue Tutu

Not all body shapes are the same so if you buy a generic tutu there is a risk that the tutu may not fit. What was a cheap Chinese or Balinese ballet tutu may end up being an expensive tutu after having alterations. Plus imagine turning up to a competition only to see another dancer in the same tutu.
Ellie's tutu was made according to her measurements, note how the tutu firmly fits her body, the bodice doesn't gape at the front and basque fits snuggly around her hip and waist area. The net sits at the right level for her length of body. Ellie can dance knowing that the tutu enhances her body lines and the embellishment design is an original and will not be repeated. This is what a Bespoke Tutu Maker will do for you. So just remember if you are thinking of buying a tutu weigh up the pros and cons of a bespoke tutu versus a generic tutu.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Importance of a Well Designed and Fitted Classical Tutu

Have you ever thought what goes into making a classical ballet tutu?

Jaida in a pale sea green stretch tutu with gold and aqua embellishment. Kept the design very simple.

Traditional Classical Tutu in Cream and Gold Lace  -very simple design but looked amazing on stage

Rebecca in a Royal Blue Stretch Tutu. I added extra seams to give a nice line through the body
Next time you are at a competition/eisteddfod take note of the tutus that stand out on stage. It is not only the decoration but is the way the tutu fits the dancer.  Decoration can be amazing but if the tutu sits up at the back,  does not fit snuggly to the body and the net flies up in the dancers face, the tutu is not doing its job in highlighting the dancers physique and ability. Sometimes the simplest tutus can draw the most attention. A  plain tutu with minimal lace can achieve the perfect picture of a graceful and elegant ballerina. So when choosing a tutu maker ensure they have the experience and expertise to guide you to making that perfect tutu.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

More ballet Tutu Designs

My favourite part of making a tutu is designing the embellishment to go on it. Taking into account the dancers complexion, hair colour, eye colour and the style of music are essential part in determining the colour and embellishment for a competition tutu. This would be perfect for Suger Plum variation

Black, Red and Gold Classical Tutu

With so many wonderful sequined laces available it is easy to create designs. The red and gold lace was pieced and placed strategically on the tutu to create a visual impact on stage. The addition of diamantes completed the picture.

Ballet Tiara (Headpiece) SOLD!

This stunning tiara  is perfect for a ballerina looking to impress. The tiara is made from a selection of Swarovski crystals, pearl and silver beads.