Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tutus in Blue

Both these tutus were made using the same lace and color, but the lace was cut and arranged differently on each to give a unique design for each tutu. The stretch tutu was designed for a younger dancer and the traditional fabric tutu was made for a senior dancer.

Alaina Haines Variation Costumes

Alana Haines Awards are just around the corner and if you have not thought about the costume, now is a good time to book in your order. Don't leave it too late, you may miss out! Below are examples of costumes made for Alana Haines.
Contact me at divineclassicalballettutus@gmail.com International and local orders accepted.

Giselle - Silk bodice, white embroidered organza sleeves and insert, 3 layers of soft tulle for skirt
Flower Festival Variation
Shantung bodice, white chiffon sleeves, insert and skirt, 2 layers of soft tulle for underskirt

Giselle Variation
Shantung bodice, white chiffon sleeves and insert, 4 layer tulle skirt.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Airbrushed Classical Ballet Tutu

Love using the airbrush technique to bring a plain tulle base to life. This technique is not for the faint hearted and requires the confidence to be able to apply the colour to the net to achieve the desired effect, one mistake and you ruin a beautifully made tutu. I made this tutu for a sweet young ballerina.