Sunday, 27 April 2014

More ballet Tutu Designs

My favourite part of making a tutu is designing the embellishment to go on it. Taking into account the dancers complexion, hair colour, eye colour and the style of music are essential part in determining the colour and embellishment for a competition tutu. This would be perfect for Suger Plum variation

Black, Red and Gold Classical Tutu

With so many wonderful sequined laces available it is easy to create designs. The red and gold lace was pieced and placed strategically on the tutu to create a visual impact on stage. The addition of diamantes completed the picture.

Ballet Tiara (Headpiece) SOLD!

This stunning tiara  is perfect for a ballerina looking to impress. The tiara is made from a selection of Swarovski crystals, pearl and silver beads.

Airbrushed Ballet Tutu

Airbrushing can be achieved on both stretch and traditional ballet tutus. The technique can be used to provide a gradual shading of colour either away from the tutu basque or towards the basque. This recently completed stretch tutu displays the colour graduation away from the basque. The technique is visually effective on stage.